Warm in winter and cool in summer, the wool fiber structure retains a large amount of air, acting as an excellent insulator that protects us from heat and cold. Thanks to its system of scales, which open and close depending on the ambient humidity, it regulates the moisture released by our body, for healthy and comfortable heat.

Wool has many benefits and, like some plants, helps to purify the air. It is a naturally healthy and non-allergenic fiber. Composed of keratin, a protein present in our nails and hair, due to its molecular structure, wool has the ability to neutralize harmful substances such as formaldehyde.

Wool is also an ecological fiber by nature. Renewable, every year it grows again. It is a compostable fiber, which improves the structure of the soil during its decomposition. Composed on average of 10% nitrogen and about 2% potassium, sheep’s wool is a long-lasting, ecological and valuable fertilizer.

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